Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 16, 2012

Developers Of Fez Are Working To Fix Crashing Issues

Fez, the Xbox Live Arcade downloadable game that’s got players shifting the world as they know it, released this past Friday. Since then, a Polytron programmer by the name of Renaud Bedard has announced that “TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE” have been putting the game through the grind. This amount of players supplied “more testing” than the game received in the past five years, which expectedly caused some bugs to show up.

Amidst the handful of pesky glitches, there are some that render the game inoperable on small hard drives or when playing from a thumb drive, while another is causing the game to crash completely in the middle of levels. As Bedard writes, “In a rare situation (exiting the game from the ‘wall village interiors), the save file becomes unusable.”

Through these times, Polytron wants fans to know that they’re furiously alongside Microsoft to get the problems rectified. Bedard commented, “It makes no sense to issue a patch, but we don’t currently have an ETA on it.” If you have any issues while waiting on a fix, you can email the developer. As soon as more news releases on the issue, we’ll update.


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