Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 3, 2012

Dungeon Defenders Getting Brand New Penny Arcade Character Skins

In efforts to get into the spirit of celebrating PAX (the Penny Arcade Expo), Trendy Entertainment is offering up some special content for the PC version of the hit RPG Dungeon Defenders. Just announced is a brand new character skin DLC pack that’s Penny Arcade-themed. The beloved webcomic’s characters will become playable in-game, bringing them to life like never before.

The pack will go on sale on Steam by this coming Friday, April 6th. If you’re attending PAX East this weekend, you can run by the Reverb Publishing booth to pick up a DLC card that will feature a download code for the skins for free! When you pick up the pack, you’ll grab four skins, which are:

  • Cardboard Tube Samurai (Gabe’s alter-ego – skin for the Monk Class)
  • Tycho (skin for the Squire Class)
  • Annarchy (skin for the Huntress Class)
  • Jim Darkmagic (skin for the Apprentice Class)

There hasn’t been an announced price on the pack yet, but you can grab them, and the game on Steam by this weekend. In addition to all this Penny Arcade goodness, Trendy is awesome enough to give PAX goers a chance to play the upcoming Aquanos DLC (part three of four from the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC) before it’s live! This is a great way to celebrate not only the comic series, but the convention as well. If you’re going to PAX, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!


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