Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 4, 2012

Mario And Portal Mashup Game Get Six-Player Online Multiplayer Mode

If you haven’t heard of Mari0, you’ve been missing out. Can you imagine slinging portals as Mario? What better way to spend a day than sending hapless mushrooms through portals to defeat your enemies that you don’t feel like jumping on top of?

Last August, this Portal and Mario mash-up game was in development, and last month, it became available on PC, OSX, and Linux for free. It was developed by Stabyourself, and started out with a humble four-player co-op.There are 33 hats that you can obtain, and there’s even a level editor that will let you create your own madness.

It has now moved into six-player online multi-mode, which doesn’t seem like such a great idea after watching the video below. Even though it is multiplayer, it definitely doesn’t look like it’s meant to be cooperative. Let’s just hope you and your friends are likely to forgive and forget.



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