Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 26, 2012

MIT Students Recreate Tetris On Side Of Building

In the years that I’ve been going to different LAN events, big and small, I’ve seen my fair share of screens. People will come in with dinky 15 inch monitors, and I’ll silently laugh at them on the inside as I bask in the glory that is my 23 inch flat screen. However, even that good sized 23 inch monitor is just dwarfed by what some students at MIT have done.

Students at MIT managed to recreate the game of Tetris on the side of the Green Building. The resolution is only 9 pixels by 18 pixels, but it stands at a huge 295 feet tall, perfect for such a simple, yet addictive game. If you’re wondering how they’ve been able to make the different colors appear, it’s pretty simple. Color LEDs were installed in every window, allowing for the different Tetris pieces to be made with the different windows.

This isn’t the first time that the building has been used for such a hack. In September of 2011, LED lights were installed and on September 11th a waving American flag was displayed in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks. The next day, on September 12th, a game of Tetris was displayed, though due to glitches by September 13th the LED’s were removed. It appears, though, to be working again! Now, if only they could somehow program in the classic Tetris music…


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