Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 26, 2012

Portal 2 Puzzle Creation DLC Arrives In May

Have you ever wanted to create and design clever puzzles? Do you fancy turrets? Are you at all in love with testing chambers that are filled with the opportunity to send someone to their demise? If you are, Aperture Science is looking for you! The lab is looking for some creative minds to work together to achieve mass amounts of produced test puzzles for immediate use!

That would be the perfect advertisement for Aperture Science Labs, the entity responsible for the creation of the famous Portal Gun, and host to the computer mastermind GLaDOS. Actually, it is the perfect ad, and it’s being put to use right now. Valve has just announced that the Portal 2 puzzle maker DLC entitled “Perpetual Testing Initiative,” which will rollout starting May 8th for the PC and Mac.

The puzzle maker will allow for maps to be directly published on the Steam Workshop. Players can then automatically download them, play through, and vote on their favorites. The best of the created maps will be automatically downloaded and installed to Portal 2. No mention of this DLC coming to consoles has been seen, though we’ll keep a lookout for it.


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