Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 26, 2012

The Walking Dead Game Has Choices That Matter

For those of you that have missed it, there’s going to be a Walking Dead Game put out by TellTale games. This story does not follow the main character from the comic books or TV show, but instead follows a different group of survivors. You’ll be playing the part of Lee Everett, who is a criminal trying to seek redemption in a world overrun by the undead.

This adventure horror game will be coming out very soon, and more is being revealed about the game each day. The game has a very comic book feel, and we’ve learned that this is not going to be your average slash and dash zombie game. You’re going to be faced with many choices which will affect future events. It could be life and death, and you will have to make some tough decisions. This includes decisions that will come back to bite you or help you out. Watch the video below for more information.

This game will be released in 5 episodes, one coming out each month, as is the norm for TellTale. The first episode will be released on April 30th. There are all sorts of goodies for those who preorder for PC and Mac, so if you want in on that action, you should do it soon. You can win one of five roles as a zombie in the game, and one winner will get to be a human character that gets killed, turned into a zombie, and killed again.

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