Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 30, 2012

Crysis 2 Returns To Steam; Did Hell Freeze Over?

As many people are aware, EA isn’t exactly a fan of Steam. After pulling several of their games from the service last year over objections about how Steam handled DLC, they went ahead and launched their own content service, Origin. Results have been mixed, but for the most part it’s done well enough to warrant keeping it around.

So why is Crysis 2 reappearing on Steam? Simply put, the studio that created the game, Crytek, isn’t owned by EA. After making changes to bring the game in “compliance with Steam’s terms of service”, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition has once again reappeared onto the hugely popular Steam platform.

So no, hell hasn’t frozen over. But if you’re interested in picking up Crysis 2 and you don’t want to use the Origin platform, you’ll be pleased to note that the Crysis 2: Maximum Edition contains all the content found in the Limited Edition, plus the 2 previously released DLC packs known as Retaliation and Decimation. Also included are 9 additional multiplayer maps, 2 new weapons, bonus XP, weapon skins, attachments, and even dog tags that weren’t included in the standard retail package. You get all this for the cool price of $39.99, which isn’t a bad deal.


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