Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 17, 2012

Diablo III Gets Torn Asunder By Metcritic Reviews

Players from all over the world have been upset by the Diablo III servers going down for emergency maintenance. This brought to the surface the huge argument regarding the game making use of the always-on DRM, and frustrations were pushed to the boiling point. Even players who just wanted to play the game on single-player weren’t able to login, and it was a catastrophe.

Since the launch of Diablo III there have been numerous errors spotted by players, ranging from login issues to random quitting mid-game. Players have logged on to forums and other various sites all over the net and made their frustrations clear about the game. One of those specific sites just happens to be the Metacritic site, where Diablo III’s average score rating has shot down tremendously due to flaming reviews.

Right now Diablo III has just about 2000 reviews total on the site and an average score of around 3.5. The negative reviews popping up point towards the game’s DRM, though some of them lash out at poor graphics and “cookie cutter” gameplay. Right now the main issue is the fact that many players paid for a game that they simply cannot play. There are some people out there who are saying Diablo III isn’t a single-player game, but in my opinion it really is. If you’ve read the stories on the characters and follow the lore, the game is really about a singular hero. I love playing online with friends, so don’t get me wrong. When it comes to sides, I am leaning more towards the gamers on this one, which is easy to see. I still think Blizzard should have put more thought in the DRM process and had the game better suited to perform at launch. After all, they’ve had 12 years.

Here are a few reviews from the site, for your viewing pleasure, saving the best for last:


If you want a watered down, pay2win piece of junk, Diablo 3 is just the ultimate game in this regards. Don’t expect to find a game reminiscent of the jewels such as Diablo 1+2 (actually made by different people). Only saving grace is… no wait I can’t think of one.


Diablo 3 is everything wrong with the industry, the price is higher than normal because the greedy developers knew people would still buy it, the gameplay is stagnated and boring, and is an overtly simplified version of the previous game, the graphics cartoonish and soulless. It requires constant online connection to play, and has legalised the Pay2Win auction house.


helo i this this game is bad caus le monky fa, and not gut pvp n stuf so i hop it be beter soon so i can buy and pley this game pls no buy it no good now



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  • Oz

    I may be the loneliest man on earth, akin to Henry Bemis after the Bomb fell, because the constant connection that Diablo III provides is a source of continuous joy. (Notice I said provides and not demands!) I enjoy the Battle.net experience because I can live shotgun (and in the cases of the harder obstacles, vicarious) to the achievements of my chums on my friends’ list. How many times have you seen someone you know accomplish a difficult or awesome achievement and been IMMEDIATELY able to say, “WOW NICE!” or been able to chat with the crazies among your list that still play World of Warcraft or, Prime Evils forbid, StarCraft II?

    Don’t think of the required connection as a road-bump to your enjoyment. That’s what Tuesday Patch-days are for. Instead, consider all the benefits of what your server connection provides next time you’re smashing your head on your keyboard bemoaning how D3 is the Worts Gaem Evar!

    Because it isn’t and you’re wrong.