Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 7, 2012

Domains And Trademark Registrations For Star Wars 1313 Could Be For A Potential Game


Continuing the search for domain registry news, Fusible has once again spotted some registrations for what looks like a possible Star Wars game on the horizon. The empire at the fingertips of George Lucas looks to be working on a project called Star Wars 1313, based on some domain and trademark registrations they’ve recently filed.

It looks like Lucasfilm registered a handful of domains, no less than 20 in all, that are all related to “Star Wars 1313” as Fusible reports. Some of the domains have been registered throughout different regions of the world. All of them point back to Lucasfilm as their owner.

Initially it’s suspected that the domains relate to an upcoming movie project due to them being tied to Lucasfilm, but the trademark that’s been filed leans toward Star Wars 1313 being a video game project in the works.  We haven’t seen any confirmations on this yet, though the filings were done back on May 2nd. With E3 coming up we may hear more about it, but it’s still unknown for now. Do you have any idea what Star Wars 1313 could be?


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