Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 10, 2012

European Tera Will See Blood Returning In New Patch

In a patch that’s set to release next week, fans of the new MMO Tera will see blood returning to the game. Frogster, the publisher for the European version of the game, announced that the patch, which they’re calling 1.0.29, will add-in the blood detail slider to the game’s options as well as some other features. In Europe the game launched last week with a PEGI12 rating without any blood detail, which caused the player base to start quite a riot.

Frogster Community Manager Lucile Le Merle spoke with Eurogamer saying, “The only major different with the North American version of Tera is the blood splatter effect, which only appears in the tutorial of the game at the moment, is not going to appear in our game. It’s going to be a slightly modified effect. But the blood is coming back.”

Like previously mentioned, the addition of blood to the game isn’t the only new feature that will come from the patch. Guilds will be able to upload an Emblem in order to help stand out against others. There was an issue at first with these Emblems, but Frogster has worked together with Bluehole to bring the system back into the game. Changes will come to the chat filter as well, which many gamers have raised complaints about. I know while I was playing the US version this was an issue for me. Some words that should be censored aren’t, but what’s worse is that words that shouldn’t be censored are. There’s a bug in the game that causes the chat not to update properly. There will also be some minor bug fixes that’ll be pushed into the game.

There’s no announcement of a patch for the US version of Tera, though it could use one. Some issues that European players are facing have made their way stateside, and they need to be tweaked. We’ll stay on the lookout for more details, and update if any word of a US patch gets set.


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