Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 11, 2012

First Beta Run For The Secret World Goes Live Today

The Secret World has been hitting fairly low on the radar since its original announcement. Fans have been actively taking part in The Secret War, an ad campaign for the different factions found in the game, though it hasn’t been too mainstream. Most of us have been wondering just what’s happening with the PC game’s development, though our questions haven’t been readily answered. Now, however, we’ve gotten some news that should help raise excitement once again for the new MMO.

The first beta for the game will roll out today at 6 PM CET/12 PM EST. This will be the first in many open beta weekends that the game will host. For this weekend players will take part in Kingsmouth Calling, where everyone will join up the ranks as a Templar. After meeting with your secret society liason in London you’ll be sent to Kingsmouth, a small town on Solomon Island. Strange events have been occurring in this place and you’ll need to investigate its myths and mysteries.

Character progress in the beta will carry over from weekend to weekend which is pretty nice. The way to score a slot in this, and upcoming beta weekends, is to pre-order the game. You’ll get some nice perks, such as early access to the game, character name reservation, a ring that boosts EXP, a t-shirt, and even an in-game pet that grants player buffs. If you’re looking to jump into some beta testing for The Secret World, now is your chance.

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