Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 14, 2012

Listen To 25 Minutes Of Cave Johnson

Portal was one of those surprise gems that really caught everyone by surprise when it debuted. Afterward everyone was talking about cakes and lies. When they set out to make the sequel, Valve had some pretty high expectations to meet. I like to think that they did a great job, with much of the credit going to the character Cave Johnson. Just listening to that guy go on and on was one of my favorite things. Heck, I still get excited when I hear radio ads for Farmers’ Insurance.

With the release of the latest DLC, we were treated to more of our favorite lemon-hater. How much more? Just a bit over 25 minutes, to be exact. And rather than making you go through test chamber after test chamber to hear them all, someone compiled the clips into one YouTube video, which is below.

Seriously, this is one of those little things that makes me love Valve. They did enough just releasing the Puzzle Creator for free, but giving you nearly a half hour of new voiceovers is the icing on the chariots. I mean cake.

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