Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 2, 2012

Microsoft To Release A New Xbox System With A Monthly Subscription


According to an article posted by the team over at the Verge, Microsoft is planning to release a new Xbox 360 system bundle, and it will introduce something new within the bundle: a monthly subscription. This bundle will be a 4GB system coupled with a Kinect sensor, and it will be distributed via the Microsoft Stores across the United States for $99. The monthly subscription fee will be $15, locked in at a 2-year commitment.

The subscription service will provide subscribers with access to the Xbox Live Gold service and, depending on your cable company, some cable content and sports packages. Anyone who signs up under the new subscription will also have coverage under a 2-year warranty that will protect the system and its components.

Anyone who feels like they can’t commit until the end of the contract will suffer an early termination fee. Microsoft plans to market this bundle as a competitor to the PS3, Apple TV, and Roku services that offer customers almost the same entertainment. When you put this into perspective, it comes out to be around $459 over two years, versus picking up a new system, plus the cheapest Xbox Live membership and shelling out $420 at once for the same two-year time period. It looks like Microsoft is working hard to ensure every household has an Xbox system, though it raises a question. When does the system stop being a focused gaming console, and more of just an entertainment hub? Will hardcore gamers pass over the system in the future as it ushers in the more casual side of gaming?


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