Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 30, 2012

NZXT Releases Aperture M Card Reader

When it comes to our gaming rigs, most of us are pretty particular about how they look. After all, nothing ruins a sexy case like an old beige CD-ROM drive. One thing that I like to add to most of my builds is a card reader. I work a lot with photos and videos that I shoot, so it’s nice to just be able to plug the card from each into my system, without messing with an external reader. Unfortunately most of the ones on the market aren’t all that attractive. The best you can really do is find a plain black one.

NZXT has just announced their own reader, dubbed the Aperture M. This reader supports all of the major card types, along with a pair of USB 3.0 ports. what’s nice is that the 5.25” device has a black mesh front, which will look great in just about any chassis.

While this might not be the must-have accessory for every gamer, those who use CF or SD cards on a regular basis will be happy to find a reader that looks as good as their case. And at a price of $35, it’s not a bad way to add a pair of USB 3.0 ports to a case that doesn’t already have them.


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