Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 9, 2012

Ocean Marketing’s Christoforo Files Lawsuit Against N-Control

Quick, what do you do when the guy you hired to act as your PR firm decides to insult your customers and jeopardize your entire company? If you’re a sane person, you’d have answered “Fire him immediately”, and that is exactly what N-Control CEO David Kotkin did. However, despite firing the man who caused the PR gaffes of PR gaffes in 2011, Mr. Kotkin can’t seem to shake off the water on his head, as Ocean Marketing’s Paul Christoforo is now suing David Kotkin and N-Control.

Let me repeat that. Paul Christoforo, the man who destroyed his own company, Ocean Marketing, and nearly destroyed another, is suing David Kotkin, the man who had to clean up the mess and play his own PR director to keep people from wiping N-Control off of the face of the earth. What’s even more hilarious is the fact that Christoforo is suing N-Control for “defamation of Character” and a breach of contract. In an email that Christoforo sent to Kotaku, he said “The grounds are defamation of Character telling lies about me my company and preventing me from making a living by lying about things that never happened and I plan on going after other people too esp .coms who printed the lies and did not retract after i asked nicely. Breach of contract for them not paying me an undisclosed sum of money Due to me at the time we parted ways and a few other things named in the lawsuit.”

This guy is too much. Does he seriously think he can win a lawsuit of “defamation of Character” after ruining a reputation like he did? Apparently he thinks so, because in another email he sent to Kotaku a couple of weeks ago, he said “David can talk all the talk he wants to, the filing is public record so all the dirty laundry and shenanigan’s he pulled will be exposed to the public. I have remained quiet and just fooling around on the internet building up to this law suit and now it’s only a matter of time before his text messages and emails to me are released to the public.” Somehow, I have a feeling that those text messages and emails are a lot like your buddy’s girlfriend from Canada: they don’t exist.



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