Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 16, 2012

Retail Ad Posts Projected Guild Wars 2 Release Date, NCsoft Responds

It looks like a retail ad posted at a Fry’s location in Texas listed a possible release date for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 MMO. The photo above was taken at the retailer and comes courtesy of Kotaku. As of now, Guild Wars 2 still has an unannounced release date.

NCsoft has responded to the original post of the photo saying, “We have not released an official launch date within 2012 as feedback from our closed and open marketing betas will help us determine an exact release date.” From the statement it looks like Guild Wars 2 won’t be releasing in 2012, though that’s an assumption. Of course fans would love to get the game in June, or just this year for that matter.

When looking at the projected date on the ad there’s a lot to consider. Like NCsoft mentioned, the beta is still running and the developer is still pulling data from it. Having the game release in June would push the beta to a close rather quickly, defeating the purpose of leaving it in its open stages. Players are still pre-ordering the game and getting beta access as we speak. Also, some retailers like to put in placeholder dates on games based off of their own estimates. This could be one of those dates, though we don’t really know for sure. If NCsoft makes an actual announcement on when the game will launch, we’ll let you know.


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