Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 29, 2012

Sony Offers Ultimate Edition Titles On PSN

If you’re a PS3 owner who doesn’t care for purchasing physical copies of games, you’ve probably bought a title or two off of the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, when you do try to get a game there, it’s not always the best deal. If it’s an older title, you could pick up the Game of the Year edition at a retail store for around the same price, with all of the DLC included. Thankfully, that’s finally changing.

Starting today, you will be able to purchase Ultimate Editions of certain titles which are equivalents to the GotY editions that you would find on store shelves. What’s more, some of the games offered don’t currently have GotY editions out, so you’re getting a much better deal. If you should happen to be a PlaysStation Plus member, you’ll also get some extra savings.

There are currently only 9 titles available as Ultimate Editions. However, Sony does plan to add new ones in the future. Also, if you’re wanting in on some of the really good prices, you’ll want to make your purchases before June 4.


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