Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on May 4, 2012

Spirit Tales Fashion Show And More

Well, I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a fashion show for a game, but there is definitely one happening today! Spirit Tales is an adorable game that features little chibis who have alternate spirit forms. There is a whole lot of customization for your character in this game, so it should only make sense to have a fashion show to put these spiffy duds in the spotlight.

If you want to tune in, this event will be happening at 3pm PDT (which isn’t far from the present time). You should run over to their Facebook page and share some of their photos before the event to have a chance at winning the costume collection. For those of you who are wanting to participate in the open beta, you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer, as what was originally going to be a April 25th event date, was pushed back to May 10th. (these things do happen) You can download the game here, but the servers won’t be live until the 10th at 4pm PDT.

We’ve brought up the “spirit form” a couple times now, but for those of you wondering about what that is, wonder no longer. Koram Games has posted a full background story which can be found here. It seems that these forms are the spirits of the Guardians of the Earth that had previously passed into legend. They have resurfaced to face the darkness that is growing in the North. Obviously we’re going to have to wait until we play the game to really know what’s going on, but this at least gives us a heads up.

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