Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 7, 2012

The Avengers Could See A Game From The Movie After All [Rumor]

The Avengers movie released this past weekend to a crowd of very excited fans. In just the first two days alone the film grossed over $500 million, which says a lot about its performance. I personally saw it, and think it was amazing. It’s definitely a movie that any die-hard Marvel fan will like. With a film that’s as successful this, there’s room for a video game, right? Even Iron Man and Hulk’s films spawned games, and they weren’t even that great, remember?

Well, this past Thursday, right before The Avengers was released in theaters, an Ubisoft contractor registered the domain “avengersbattleforearth.com.” This news comes by way of Fusible, a domain registry sentinel site. There hasn’t been any game adaptation of the film announced, and this news is still just a rumor.

There has been a special Avengers-themed table set for Zen Pinball set to release, but that remains it for anything noted from the film. Though Fusible informs us that an Avengers game adaptation :may have been delayed, cancelled, or simply couldn’t work,” the listing does lie directly linked to a major console publisher it seems. This alone could mean that some sort of title is coming, whether retail or in downloadable form. I’m personally hoping for something, and as more news develops we’ll assemble back here.


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