Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 7, 2012

Twisted Metal Not Likely Getting Any DLC

Some people love the idea of DLC. You get a game, play it for a while, and just when it’s starting to get stale, you can download some new content for it and keep on playing it. Companies generally love this concept too, because have DLC available means that they can make more money off of a game long after it’s been released. So, it was surprising to see that Twisted Metal has no DLC, and will not be getting any DLC at all.

Developed by Eat Sleep Play, Twisted Metal has bucked the trend that many games have followed recently. The developer has decided to shun DLC, now and in the future, and right now their only concern is developing a “happy balance” rate on the game. Once they get that “happy balance”, the team that developed Twisted Metal is done with game, except for the occasional double XP weekend.

This tells me one of two things: either the developers just wanted to publish a full, complete product, without resorting to DLC to artificially keep peoples interest high in the game, or what has happened is that Eat Sleep Play is just tired of working on the game in general, and just wanted to get it out of the door and start on the next big thing. Considering how co-director David Jaffe split from Eat Sleep Play earlier this year to work on his new projects and his commitment to Twisted Metal “officially” ends this month, I’m guessing it’s the latter.


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