Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 12, 2012

Artemis Concept Controller From Razer [E3 2012]

While the entirety of E3 wasn’t as full of luster as everyone had hoped, a lot of really exciting new things hit the show floor. One such item was the Razer Artemis concept, which is going to have MechWarrior fanboys getting way too excited about life. This is the product of a partnership with Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing to gear up for their upcoming MechWarrior Online.

For those of you who don’t know of this game, MechWarrior has been around since 1989, so you can imagine the kind of fan base it carries. The game offers you the chance to act as a pilot to a BattleMech, and fight other BattleMechs. There was definitely a certain amount of “realism” to the game with what you saw on screen, but there has always been a very apparent divide between gamer and game.

This is where the Artemis comes in. This controller has been built specifically for MechWarrior, and is going to offer players a whole new experience. At the moment, the concept features mechanical keys, an integrated screen, and a joystick that will have force feedback. Last week there was word of of integrating tablets instead of a pre-built screen, but it’s all still in development at the moment. Hopefully we’ll get to see and hear more on this concept before MechWarrior Online launches later this year.

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