Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 27, 2012

Code In Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Hints Toward Future DLC? [Rumor]

The free Extended Cut DLC has released for Mass Effect 3 and players seem to overall enjoy what BioWare has done with their further explanation of the game’s ending. Fans of the game have been running through the new ending numerous times, and some others have taken a deeper look into the DLC as a whole. Some fans have uncovered what could be dialogue from a future piece of DLC that we could see for the game. This dialogue was discovered by the BioWare Social Network and was posted in full on Pastebin.

Be careful before your wandering eyes read any further, for spoilers lie ahead.

The uncovered dialogue points to a rogue Reaper by the name of Leviathan who has made home at a mining facility in the middle of nowhere, indoctrinating anyone who lives in the area. Shepard and his/her crew eventually discover what’s going on with the colony and its people, and they’re sent right odd to rescue a Dr. Ann Bryson. Further along in the story, Dr. Bryson can come out alive or dead and players could recruit Leviathan for the upcoming battle against its Reaper brethren.

Leviathan wasn’t just mentioned only in this uncovered dialogue. Back in the first Mass Effect game if you took the time to scan all the planets you would have eventually come to one upon which you discovered the remains of what looked like a living starship. This starship was called Leviathan of Dis. More mention of this construct comes to us in Mass Effect 3, though only if Balak survived through the Bring Down the Sky DLC for the original game. When you meet Balak in the third game you learn that Leviathan wasn’t some Reaper corpse, but rather just an inactive Reaper. Some scientists were messing around and accidentally turned it on somehow.

The validity of this discovery hasn’t been made official yet. The dialogue definitely turns some heads, and it points to events and people we’ve not even come into contact with yet. The entire dialogue was buried within the code for the Extended Cut DLC, so there could be some legitimate findings here. Of course we’ll have to wait on BioWare to confirm or deny the evidence. There’s been a lot working in the Mass Effect universe and this becoming truth wouldn’t surprise me.


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