Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 15, 2012

Dawnguard Details Get Leaked From Beta Testers

We’re all pretty excited for the first expansion to Bethesda’s Skyrim. Sure, we’ve been teased plenty with the promises of an Elder Scrolls MMO, but we still want to see more content in the game that’s already out. With beta invites already out, some players have leaked a few details that haven’t been formally announced. This includes new shouts, weapons and more.

New Shouts
* Drain Vitality – Coax both magical and mortal energies from hapless opponent.
* Summon Durnehviir – Summons the undead dragon Durnehviir from the Soul Cairn
* Soul Tear – Rips the soul out of an opponent and turns them into an ally.

New Weapons
* Dwarven Crossbow
* Steel Crossbow
* Dragonbone weapons – a full set including arrows

New Ingredients
* Ancestor Moth Wing
* Chaurus Hunter Antennae
* Gleamblossom
* Poison Bloom
* Yellow Mountain Flower

That’s right, once the new expansion is out,  you’ll be able to summon a zombie dragon. How many other games will let you do that, just by yelling? That’s what I thought.


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