Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 29, 2012

Dishonored E3 Golden Cat Playthrough Videos [E3 2012]

While at E3, I actually had the chance to watch some pretty awesome gameplay footage from Dishonored. Unfortunately, this footage was for the eyes of the press only. Thankfully Bethesda is ready to make such footage available to everyone. The playthrough isn’t identical to what I saw (as they were playing it live at every session), but it’s close enough.

There are actually two videos, which take part in the same area of the game. What’s different is how the player chooses to complete the mission that makes these videos very different. In the first one, they are trying to be stealthy, and will only be killing the targets.

In this second playthrough, they’ve decided to take a more brutal approach. By combining powers and items, they are able to serve up death to everyone they meet. It’s really interesting to see the contrast between these two videos. I can see a high level of replayability to this game, based on the different styles of gameplay.

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