Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 29, 2012

Get Your Bullet Run Beta Key Here!

Looking for the next FPS that’s going to dominate your free time? Sure, there’s new content for Battlefield 3 out, and the next Call of Duty game is due out later this year. But those cost money. And if you’re cheap, or just plain broke, those games are out of your reach. What you need is a free-to-play game. One such game that might interest you is Bullet Run.

This game puts you on a reality TV show where you need to gun your way to the top. The premise is a bit silly, and some of the gameplay is as well. But if you like running and gunning without paying cash, then it might be what you’re looking for. It’s due out later this year, but we’re wanting to give you guys a shot at playing the game before it’s open to the public.

That’s right, SOE is going to start a closed beta sometime soon, and we’ve got the codes you need. We’ve got 5 of them that we’re going to give away to lucky winners over on our Facebook page. You’ll just need to share and like this post, and like our page. If we can get up to 500 page likes by next Wednesday, then we’re going to give out a total of 15 keys. What are you waiting for?

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