Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 15, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle V Makes Some Serious Cash At Closing

Well well, it seems as though the Humble Bundle went way over the top by hitting the $5.1 million mark at its close. This was only the work of two weeks, so you can imagine the surprise of the developers, the charity organizations, and the people who run Humble Bundle. The exact amount that they raked in was $5,106,826.98.

Considering they sold a total of 598,980 bundles, I got a little curious about the numbers. Who was giving what to charity, the devs, and who was leaving a tip? I got an email from Humble Bundle, and was told that it was looking as though 65% was going to the devs, 20% to charity, and 15% was going as a tip. Not too shabby at all.

Keep in mind that those numbers may have changed in the final hours, but it gives you at least a decent idea. For those of you who are curious about more of this numbery-goodness, you can head here. This lets you know the stats overall for this and many other bundles in the past.

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