Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 15, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Updated Today

With Minecraft now on Xbox live, console gamers can finally start to appreciate the constant updates that Notch and company provide for the game. The first of which is coming out later today. You’ll see fixes for existing issues, and a few new features.

On the feature side, one of the most notable is the ability to autosave. You can choose intervals between 15 minutes and 2 hours, or none at all. Others include changes to sensitivity settings, being able to display gamertags in splitscreen and more.

As for fixes, players will no longer have to be worried when trying to enter the Nether (well, beyond the fact that you’re actually going into the Nether), as you’ll no longer have the chance to be spawned above the Nether, rather than in it. Frame rate drops, enemies being spawned inside houses and achievements not being awarded properly were all fixed, along with a host of other minor issues. The full list of features and fixes is below:


* Added an autosave, and the ability to turn autosave off, or set it from 15 minutes up to 2 hours in 15 minute steps.
* Split the sensitivity controls into an in-game sensitivity and an in-menu sensitivity.
* Added an Interface Opacity slider in the settings for plasma screen users.
* Added a gamertag display in splitscreen, and the ability to enable/disable it in the settings.
* Added an option in the settings menu to enable/disable in-game hints.
* Added an option in the settings menu to enable/disable tooltips.
* Added a co-ordinate display to the in-game map.
* Added new sections in the How To Play on Multiplayer, Sharing Screenshots, and What’s New.
* Added a warning message when attempting to place lava near the spawn area.


* Fix for the leaderboard crash when toggling between filters/leaderboards.
* Fix for server disconnect message appearing when offline or in leaderboards.
* Fix for issue where posting a screenshot to Facebook caused a back out to the main menu.
* Fix for clay generation.
* Fix for ‘Awaiting Approval’ showing all the time on some signs.
* Various crafting menu fixes.
* Fix for being able to stand on sugarcane.
* Fix for intermittent crash on saving.
* Fix for duplication bug with the furnace and dispenser.
* Fix for not being able to place water near the spawn area.
* Fix for intermittent problem on entering the Nether putting the player above the Nether world.
* Fix for frame-rate drop around the edge of the world.
* Fix for intermittent problem where some achievements were not being awarded.
* Fix for graphical issue with stairs.
* Fix for issue with enemies spawning inside a house when they shouldn’t.
* Fix for Zombie Pigmen not being counted for leaderboard scores.


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