Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 22, 2012

Nintendo Announces 3DS XL, Forgets To Include A Charger

Remember when Nintendo launched their newer, bigger DSi? The DSi XL had screens that were 93% larger than its little brother. The release has made people wonder if Nintendo will ever decide to supersize the 3DS. The answer to that question, is yes.

During last night’s Nintendo Direct conference Satoru Iwata officially unveiled the 3DS XL. The new handheld’s screens measure 4.88 inches (top) and 4.18 inches (bottom), which, if you’re following along and doing the math, that’s a 90% increase for both screens. That’s roughly the same increase that the DSi XL saw. Also increased is the battery life, though we don’t know by how much.

What’s interesting is that Nintendo has elected not to ship the device with a power cord. This was presumably done to keep the price right at $200 when it ships on August 19th. While they did say that it will be compatible with previous power cords, who ships a battery-powered device with no cable? I don’t care how long the battery life is, if I can’t recharge the damn thing, it might as well be a brick. What gives? Not everyone buying one of these will be upgrading, and those that do will probably sell off their old one. And no one’s going to buy a 3DS off of someone if the charger isn’t included.


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