Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 13, 2012

Pid Is Making Its Way To Xbox LIVE Arcade

About two weeks ago, we looked at a game called Pid. This is a somewhat eccentric game that focuses on a little boy who has strayed far from home and only wishes to return. However, he must first deal with a ruler who doesn’t want anyone to leave the planet he’s been marooned on.

Although it was officially announced back in early December of last year, things have been moving and shaking for this platformer. The developers Might and Delight paired up with D3 publishing, which will only help spread the game to a wider audience. As D3 swooped in at the end of production, this means that all creative control has gone to the developers, and the publishing company will merely project the game forward.

This partnership means that Pid will be on Xbox LIVE Arcade on 360 as well as Steam and PSN. While we still don’t exactly know of a date just yet, we do know that it will launch “later this year.” Below are some shots from the game, as well as some concept art for your eyes to feast on.

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