Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 12, 2012

PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

This PlayStation Move Racing Wheel is an interesting idea, but I don’t know if it’s a good one. It is quite reminiscent of a batarang, but would likely be a lousy weapon. This brand new peripheral for the PS3 is a valiant effort, but possibly going in the wrong direction.

The Move motion controller is supposed to sit inside of this peripheral, and it can act as either a racing wheel, or fold out to act as bicycle handlebars. It will cost about $40 once it hits the market this fall, and I just can decide whether it would be an absolute waste of money or not. There is vibration feedback which will contribute to a more “real” experience, but there are a few problems in the design here.

As the steering wheel in a car and the handlebars on a bike are both attached to a more sturdy frame, this is going to have you wondering whether you should have this thing sitting in your lap or up in the air. The most likely option is that you will be holding it out in front of you. As I haven’t tried this thing out, I can’t really vouch for it or not. But! Judging on what I can see, this looks to be more of a money drain than something that will add value to your racing game experiences.


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