Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 5, 2012

Rabbids Land Coming To The Wii U, Tons Of Rabid Fun [E3 2012]


I remember playing Rayman back in the day when it originally released for the original PlayStation. There was just something about the art style and way the game presented itself that made me want to play despite being as old as I was. To this day I stand by Rayman and watch as he proves he’s the true O.G. when it comes to swinging fists with no arms.

When Rayman Raving Rabbids came out I couldn’t believe the idea. I thought to myself, “How in the world could this game be fun? It’s not Rayman!” Once I finally picked the game up and tested it out, I was rather surprised. The mini-games including the rabbids were extremely fun, and besides, in what other game could you have fun trying to keep outhouse doors closed while little white rabbits go wild?

During the Ubisoft and Nintendo press conferences at E3 we got to see some footage of a new game called Rabbids Land. This will be a new game on the Wii U featuring those cute little awkward rabbids as they attempt to take over the world – yet again. A trailer has released for the game, and if you’re looking for any excuse to cut loose with these rabbids again, let this be it. Check out the trailer below.

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