Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 9, 2012

343 Confirms They Aren’t Working On Halo 2 Anniversary

With the popularity of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary last year, it wasn’t much of a surprise to hear rumors that 343 Industries was working on a similar remastering of Halo 2. The rumor came from a leaked image from OXM Magazine. We’ve finally got a confirmation on the nature of the rumor, thanks to a recent interview with Attack of the Fanboy.

Q: The E3 demos for Halo 4 looked fantastic, but they made me want to replay the other numbered Halo games. With the great job 343 did with the HD remastering of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, is there a chance we will see Halo 2 HD before the end of this console generation? Maybe a Halo Trilogy pack to promote the new saga? Pretty please?

343 Industries: We are not working on that at this time. We are kind of busy.”

So there you have it, 343 has confirmed that they are not working on it right now. I imagine getting Halo 4 polished and out the door is a little more important right now. And who could blame them? Would you rather see a remake released, or the next game in the series?

It’s worth noting that nothing was said about the possibility of another HD remastered Halo title. The first one was no doubt enough to show that there is an interest. Plus, Halo 2 is now the only game in the series that you can’t play properly on the 360, since multiplayer servers were shut down in 2010.


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