Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 17, 2012

AMD Cuts Prices On All 7000 Series Cards

Itching to upgrade that tired old video card so that you can crank up the settings on Battlefield 3? If you’re in the AMD camp, then now might be a good time to take the plunge. AMD has issued a price cut that extends through the entire 7000 series.

With only $10 and $20 cuts to the lower end cards, the real savings shows up in the higher end of things. The 7870, 7950 and 7970 all received a $50 drop, which really puts a bit of pressure on Nvidia, what with the lack of a 650 or 660 card to fill that low to mid-range price slot.

It’s good to note that some of the new prices have actually already been in effect, due to some suppliers lowering their prices ahead of time. However, now that they have been made official, you can even find some cards a bit cheaper than AMD’s MSRP. So if you’re an AMD fan, now is a good time to buy. If you’re on the fence, it might be good to wait and see what August brings us from Nvidia.


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