Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 10, 2012

Blacklight: Retribution Gets Patched, Plenty Of Fixes Rollout

Speaking of the devil, just yesterday I commented on some issues that players were having when trying to enjoy the sweet bullet goodness of Blacklight: Retribution. It looks like overnight Zombie Studios released a patch for the game that introduces a lot of hotfixes, including the one feature players have been begging for: the ability to filter Global chat. Other fixes include weapon tweaks, mode changes, and fixes when dealing with changing video settings in-game.

Here’s a full list of the fixes posted by crabclaw on the official Blacklight forums:

Patch Notes for 0973.RC1

These changes will be live after the 7/10 maintenance concludes

– Implemented slash commands for ignore and unignore
– /ignore
– /i
– /unignore
– Use /help for more chat commands
– Enhanced global chat spam prevention
– Global chat now limited to last 100 messages, fixing performance issues
– Steam registration/billing links for FRA/DEU clients go to correct pages
– Improved Kill Confirmed announcer dialog
– Fixed Server browser performance hitching
– Now has an option to toggle on/off screen door LOD fade
– Video settings will be reverted after patching. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Balance Changes:
– Kill Confirmed tags have a larger collision radius, making collection easier
– Threat/Warlord/Revenge now reset when changing teams
– Heavy Assault Rifle ammo decreased to 22, damage range decreased to [54/62/70], movement speed penalty increased
– Burstfire Rifle magazine count decreased to 4
– Light Machine Gun movement speed penalty decreased
– RL2a Swarm now costs 1000cp
– Taunts now break cloak

Players will now be able to filter Global chat, and it’s been limited to reduce server lag when hanging in a lobby or customizing your equipment. Many players suggested clicking on the Whisper pane to stop Global chat from loading, which worked, but you’d have to do it each time you changed screens. It’s good to know that Zombie implemented this change to help the game’s performance, as it was severely bogged down due to players spamming the chat.

I feel pretty good about the weapon changes, though I am particularly glad about the decrease in Burstfire Rifle mags. The Burstfire Rifle is a powerful weapon, and in the right hands it can prove especially deadly when camping. Nerfing the Heavy Assault Rifle is also another good move, as a lot of players were claiming it was overpowered. As for the other changes, I think they’ll add to balancing out the game better.

I just really hope that with these new fixes the servers will run better. I didn’t see a fix in there for the resetting issue, so I assume they’re still working on it. I played a bit last night and it lagged pretty bad, though I think it was due to the servers shutting down for maintenance. I plan on giving it a shot tonight and seeing how it differs.

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