Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 11, 2012

Diablo 3 Site Is Getting Character Profiles Soon

Everyone loves to gloat when they have an awesome character. It’s a matter of pride really. Surely you’ve gone on about your awesome character enough the people around you, and couldn’t think of an appropriate way to share your amazingness with more than just your circle of friends.

All too soon, a new feature to the Diablo 3 site is going to let you tout your magnificence all over the place. You will have a profile that will let you see all of your stats for your character, share that information with friends, and see the progress of others as well. Of course it’s going to expand as time goes on, but there will be two elements to it at the first.

There will be a career tab that will display all of your heroes, and how far along you are in the game, along with number of slain enemies, names and times for fallen hardcore heroes and more. The second element is a heroes tab in which you can show off equipment, attributes, skills, and more. Over time, you’ll have tabs for your artisans and achievements as well.

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