Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 24, 2012

EverQuest II Sees An Update: Qeynos Rises

Fans of Everquest II can rejoice, for an update brings many new goodies. This will bring you a whole new storyline to play through, as well as an completely overhauled city. The following will explain the situation you will now face:

 As a citizen of Qeynos, you will find yourself in the midst of intrigue and conflict. Queen Antonia Bayle and the Circle of Ten struggle for the power to rule, and as with most times of change, there are challenges to overcome. You will play a key role in those challenges.

The PvP gameplay and Battlegrounds have also seen a revision, and will allow you to play alongside friends of all levels. More rewards will be available from racial, archetype, and Qeynos storyline quests. You’ll also see a token system implemented for PvP that will give you access to a bunch of gear, weapons, and accessories. This is a free update, and it is available now!


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