Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 10, 2012

FFVII Re-Release Won’t Feature Microtransactions

When it comes to Square Enix’s money makers, I think it’s safe to say that Final Fantasy VII is one of their biggest ones. Between the multitude of sequels/prequels, the movie, and even just sales of the game itself, it’s not hard to see that Square Enix loves making money off of this particular part of the greater Final Fantasy franchise. So when it was announced last week that the PC re-release of FFVII was going to have something called a “Character Booster”, many people took that to mean that you’ll be able to “buy” a higher level character if you want to.

Well, apparently that isn’t the case. According to Kotaku, “the Character Booster will not cost real money to use”. So if the Character Booster will allow you to press a button and boost your stats and finances, then what would keep a person from just using the Character Booster?

My guess is that the Character Booster is for the gamer who wants to enjoy the story without having to worry about character stats. It’ll probably let you boost those stats as often as you want to, but probably disables the achievements for the game. In other words, it’s a cheating device, not that that is a bad thing. We’ll know more for sure when the re-release is finally released!


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