Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 24, 2012

Magic 2013 Event Deck Lists Surface

In the recent blocks releasing in Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast have been releasing Event Decks that are themed for each set. Unlike the Intro Packs that are designed to get new players into the game, these Event Decks are constructed to throw players into the world of tournament play with a powerful deck that will make you immediately competitive.

With Magic 2013 recently released, the Event Decks for the new Core Set are approaching. Today the decklists for each of the two Event Decks went live on the official Magic site, and we’ve got them here for you.

The first of the two decks is called Repeat Performance. It’s a green/white constructed deck that focuses on overwhelming your opponent with creatures. The only two cards in the deck that aren’t creatures, besides lands, are sorceries that help get more creatures onto the field. The deck’s strategy is simple: on turn one you drop Arbor Elf, Llanowar Elves, or Avacyn’s Pilgrim to gain the upper hand on your mana pool. Then you’ll drop creatures like Attended Knight and Blade Splicer, each of which bring in another creature token when they’re summoned to the battlefield. With your first play a success, you can drop either of these dudes on turn two, which is bad for your opponent. From then on you can continue to attack with a steady stream of creatures, and as long as you keep them alive your Geist-Honored Monk will hit the field and be a game-ender.

Here’s the full list of the Repeat Performance Event Deck:

Main Deck

60 cards

12 Forest
8 Plains
2  Razorverge Thicket

22 lands

1  Acidic Slime
2  Arbor Elf
3  Attended Knight
4  Avacyn’s Pilgrim
1  Blade Splicer
3  Borderland Ranger
1  Brutalizer Exarch
2  Elvish Visionary
1  Fiend Hunter
1  Geist-Honored Monk
1  Glimmerpoint Stag
4  Llanowar Elves
1  Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
4  Roaring Primadox
1  Stingerfling Spider
1  Stonehorn Dignitary
1  Sunblast Angel
1  Thragtusk

33 creatures

1  Green Sun’s Zenith
4  Lead the Stampede

5 other spells


3  Cloudshift
2  Dismember
3  Kemba’s Skyguard
4  Oblivion Ring
3  War Priest of Thune

15 sideboard cards

The second Event Deck is called Sweet Revenge, and it plays as its name suggests. This deck is red/black/blue and it’s got some crazy spells that will undoubtedly get under your opponent’s skin. The deck focuses on playing spells, getting them into your graveyard, and then playing them again from said graveyard. Burning Vengeance is a key card in this deck, as it says, “Whenever you cast a spell from your graveyard, Burning Vengeance deals 2 damage to target creature or player.” That coupled with the amount of cards that have flashback are in the deck, and you’ve got a recipe for destruction. With this deck you play each game in two stages. The first stage will be defense, while you fill your graveyard with spells, build your mana base, and get a Burning Vengeance on the field. During the second stage you’ll wipe the game. You’ll start casting flashback spells and kill anything that breathes on your opponent’s field. Then point your Burning Vengeance at your opponent and watch their Life Points melt.

The deck list for this Event Deck is as follows:

Main Deck

60 cards

1 Darkslick Shores
1 Desolate Lighthouse
4  Evolving Wilds
7  Island
9  Mountain
1  Sulfur Falls
1  Swamp

24 lands

2 Armored Skaab
4  Fettergeist
1  Firewing Phoenix

7 creatures

4  Burning Vengeance
4  Desperate Ravings
4  Faithless Looting
3  Forbidden Alchemy
2  Geistflame
3  Pillar of Flame
1  Red Sun’s Zenith
1  Rolling Temblor
1  Silent Departure
2  Slagstorm
4  Think Twice

29 other spells


2 Arc Trail
4  Bloodcrazed Neonate
2  Dismember
4  Screeching Skaab
3  Secrets of the Dead

15 sideboard cards

Both of these decks perform well, and they can be customized as players see fit. Each deck plays differently, and it caters to different play styles. I’d like to test out the Sweet Revenge deck, though I’d toss in a Talrand, Sky Summoner, and overwhelm my opponents with flying drakes. In fact, the whole deck gives me an idea for a blue/white/red deck using Talrand and Cloudshift. The Magic 2013 Event Decks will be releasing soon, which one will you pick up?

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