Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 6, 2012

Minecraft 1.3 Update Hitting PC In August

It’s been a long wait, but Mojang is finally taking some time away from their current work to issue the next update for the PC version of Minecraft. This update is a big one, so it’s no wonder why it’s taken so long. Not only is the update big, but it’s significant, specifically when it comes to single-player. The entire single-player option will be removed from the game, according to the developer.

The single-player experience that many of us love, and solely play the game for, will still exist, though only as a “shell on top of multiplayer.” The change will occur behind the scenes and be handled differently in the game’s written code.

You see, an enhanced modding API will be arriving in version 1.4, so this change is needed specifically for that. If any of you out there have tried to apply a mod to the game (I’m not talking texture packs), then you’ll know how difficult it is to get things working. In reality, applying a mod to the game is often more work than it’s worth which results in just giving up on it.

Another change coming in 1.4 is a fix for an issue which causes a lot of places in the world, such as sections of the landscape, underground areas, and shadowed areas to appear completely black, Torches won’t light up these areas, and the issue won’t go away. It’s a lighting problem and Mojang has been working heavily to get a fix on it. It’s not been easy, though, considering the lighting works somewhat off of your PC resources.

Both of these issues were something that players have been waiting on since the past couple of fixes, though they weren’t delivered. The team is working on implementing changes in 1.3 that will make it easier to wipe these problems out with 1.4 when it comes available. Don’t fret, though, there’s plenty more for players in 1.3 than just prep work. Players will fins emeralds and emerald ore, changed rules for earning levels and enchanting items, the ability to trade items with villagers, the ability to fill books with writing, new desert and jungle areas, and tons of bug fixes.

Something else that will be tossed in with the update is an early version of the Adventure Mode. This mode locks building and setting up fires so players can shift their focus to playing the actual game. The only way you’ll be able to toggle this mode is by using the in-game console command.

Minecraft update 1.3 will be coming August 1st, which isn’t too far off. Players can download the release candidate a week early, which Mojang says will be “identical” to the real deal when it launches. You can find the full update list here.


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