Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 6, 2012

PS3 “Super Slim” Leaked? [Rumor]

At last month’s E3, everyone was expecting new major hardware announcements from both Microsoft and Sony. Unfortunately, no new Xbox or PlayStation consoles made their debut. Sure, each company has a 10-year plan for their respective product, but Sony had the same plan for the PS2, and they released the PS3 six years after it. Were they following the same road map, they would have announced the next console at E3 2011. So what gives?

According to a recent filing with the FCC, we may have gotten our first glimpse at Sony’s next piece of hardware. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the PS4. Rather, it appears as though it will be an even slimmer PS3 Slim. The “Super Slim”, if you will.

The new CECH-4001x model would be the first in the 4000 series, with the current Slim model being in the 3000 range. Not much else is known about the newer version of the console. We can only speculate that Sony has worked out a way to make the parts smaller and cheaper, so as to get a little more profit out of their current-generation console. Rumors point to an official announcement at the upcoming GamesCom in August.


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