Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 26, 2012

Razer Announces New BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard Lineup

Today Razer has announced several updates to their mechanical keyboard lineup, including a slimmed-down “Tournament Edition” that promises better portability for those gamers on the go. First up is the standard Blackwidow 2013:

The Blackwidow 2013 is the new base model in the series. It features full mechanical keys with 50g actuation force, 10 key anti-ghosting, 5 dedicated macro keys, headphone/mic jacks and a USB port. You can program any of the keys with Razer’s on the fly macro recording, and even disable the Windows key by entering the Gaming Mode. It is also available in a “Stealth” edition, which uses quieter brown switches. Both are due out next month for $100.

Next we have the Blackwidow Ultimate. This is essentially the same as the standard 2013 model. However, the difference comes in the individually backlit keys, which are coated with an anti-fingerprint matte black finish. These extra features will cost you $140 next month, and you can select from the standard or Stealth editions for that price.

The last keyboard in the lineup is probably the most interesting. The Tournament edition is the bare-bones minimalist keyboard that some people have been looking for. Razer has trimmed off roughly a quarter of the size, and a third of the weight by removing the number pad. They have also chosen to use blue switches for the best response possible. The braided USB cable can be removed, allowing for easier transportation. The anti-ghosting capacity is reduced to 6 simultanius key presses, unless you’re in Gaming Mode, in which case it is back up to 10. The Tournament edition is available next month in either regular or Stealth editions for $80


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