Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 13, 2012

Star Command Wants To Make It To PC And Mac Through Kickstarter

Do you like flying through space and controlling a crew of your very own? How about having a customized ship and fighting off alien races? Should these be things that are of interest to you, you might like Star Command.

This game will let you explore the universe, hire crew members and level them up, and talk to alien races. Or destroy them. Whatever. You ship will be your very own, and you can make it into whatever you desire. Whether you want to advance in science, engineering, or make it a war machine, the choice will be yours.

This is a ship-simulation adventure game meant for mobile devices, but the devs would like it to come to PC and Mac. There is currently a Kickstarter running to get this to happen, and it’s doing quite well for itself thus far being close to the halfway point. Should you want to help this Kickstarter project along, $5 will get you the soundtrack to the game, and $25 will get you a copy of it.


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