Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 21, 2012

AMD Responds To The 660 Ti With Price Cuts

Last week we saw Nvidia finally step into the sub-$300 market with their Kepler-based cards. The 660 Ti beat out AMD’s best card under that price in most tests, which probably left a few people sweating over in the red corner. However, the company has an answer, and its name is Price Cut.

That’s right, even though AMD already cut prices earlier this summer, they’re doing it again. The 7870, which was the best competitor in price to Nvidia’s latest card has been dropped by $50, putting it at just $249. This made room for the 7950 to step down to a price of $319, and put it on better financial footing with the 660 Ti. For those of you who are looking for a more budget-friendly solution, the 7850 also received a small cut, dropping down to $209.

This is the time where things get interesting in the graphics card market. AMD pretty much has all of their cards on the table, as they were able to get out their current generation cards faster than the competition. But as Nvidia starts releasing mid-range and budget cards, we’ll see these prices adjust even more, I think.


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