Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 21, 2012

Capcom Releases Okami HD Gameplay Trailer

Whenever the topic of video games as an art form comes up, there’s one game that is almost always referenced: Okami. The beautiful cell-shaded visuals are a work of art themselves, and that’s saying nothing of the captivating story. Sadly, if you pop in the disc, the graphics don’t do the game justice in this world of HDTVs. Which is exactly why Capcom has been hard at work on Okami HD.

Later this year we’ll be able to download this updated version of the game on the PSN for a modest fee. But how will it look? Capcom has recently released a gameplay video which shows just how good the remastered game will look when you get to play it.

Every line is as crisp as you would hope, which only serves to make the colors pop even more than they did on your PS2 or Wii. We’re still not sure exactly when the game will be dropping here in the US, but we should see it before the year is out.

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