Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 13, 2012

Diablo 3 Update 1.0.4 Preview

It’s looking like an update is coming for Diablo 3, and it’s so massive that Blizzard is going to put up a series of posts explaining all the different aspects it will cover. They’ve given a preview on the D3 blog, but this is the tl;dr version. The first on their list is the co-op. They’re going to try and even things out by removing averaging in multiplayer games of magic and gold find. They will also lower the health multiplier for monsters for each additional player in co-op. It will now be 75% for all levels.

The next item they addressed is how they will make things a little bit easier going from normal monsters to Elite packs. Normal monsters will get a health increase of about 5-10% on inferno, and the champions and rares will see a health drop of about 10-25%. Certain monster affixes are being adjusted as well to make things less frustrating, like Fire Chains and Shielding. The Invulnerable Minions affix is being removed from the game altogether.

Weapons at level 61 and 62 will be seeing better chances at higher raw damage. You can pick up something that could have damage fit for a level 63. Dual-wielding and two-handers will see the gap being pulled closer together, as the two-handed melee weapons will get stronger affixes.

The enrage timers and healing back to full from Champions and rare monsters will be removed, and repair costs of high-level items will be reduced by 25%. Legendary items will see some major improvements, but that is yet to be explained. Last but not least, the character classes will be seeing some gigantic changes. What are they? Well, we don’t know the specifics on that just yet, but more information will crop up.


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