Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 2, 2012

GTA V Gets Teased With Cult Website And Twitter Account

Cults are fun, right? Well, right up until you drink the Kool-Aid, at least. That’s why I try to stick to cults that make sense, and don’t require you to ingest anything. In my search for the right group to join, I think I’ve found the right one, The Epsilon Program.

Finally, I’ve been able to find a group of people who know that the world has only been around for 157 years, that trees talk, and that sperm is most definitely a lie. Don’t believe me? Then you should read the TRACT, which explains all of this and more, even if it hasn’t been written before.

No, I’ve not gone insane, nor do I actually believe any of those things (Except maybe the trees one. Ents for life!) If you don’t recognize The Epsilon Program, then you may want to give Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a spin. That should give you a little more insight into this crazy bunch of kooks.

Rockstar Games recently launched a website and Twitter account for the cult. No doubt this is an effort to drum up some excitement over GTA V, which will also be set in San Andreas. There’s no doubt that they are indeed ran by Rockstar, as the domain points to the official Rockstar website, and is registered to the company. Something tells me that the Twitter account is worth keeping an eye on.


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