Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 29, 2012

Journey Art Book Will Be Releasing In September

Thatgamecompany wanted to make sure Journey was an experience like none other that you’ve had before. They definitely accomplished that feat, and it was much more than a hero hacking and slashing their way through an adventure. This is a game that doesn’t even need words to bring people together, and its beautiful scenery and music make it that much more of an amazing experience.

This game was three years in the making, and the finished product is just breath-taking to look at. If you were inspired by the artwork in this game, you’ll be happy to know that an embossed hardcover art book will be coming out next month titled “The Art Of Journey”. No word on pricing yet, but we do know what will be inside of it (besides the obvious).

In addition to getting concept art, pencil drawings, and printed 3D models, you will also have access to an augmented reality feature. If you download the companion app, you can loot at some 3D models straight out of the game through your smartphone or tablet. There will also be some hand-picked fan art showing up in the book, and you will get to download a free copy of the game’s soundtrack to your PS3.


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