Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 27, 2012

Latest Minecraft Snapshot Adds Wither Boss, More

Do you find the Skeletons to be rather wimpy, and laugh in the face of Creepers? Well, you may not be laughing much longer as Mojang has added a new monster to Minecraft.  And boy, it’s pretty crazy!

Dubbed the “Wither Boss”, it’s a giant floating black skeleton monstrosity that shoots exploding skills from its three heads. If you watch the end of the video down below, you’ll see the Wither Boss in action as he ruins the countryside. Luckily though he’s not a mob you can really encounter in the game yet, as he’s only available if you hack it in. But that doesn’t stop it from being any less terrifying!

Other non-terrifying things in the snapshot update is an improvement to how maps and nether portals function. Carrots and potatoes were added to the game, and in fact with the special Golden Carrots you can make invisibility potions out of them. Use them to prank your friends, as you start spawning monsters into their base and turning them invisible!


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