Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 9, 2012

Magicka Gets Free ‘WOOT’ DLC

Paradox Interactive has some great news, along with some not so amazing news this morning. The good news is that their wizard-exploding game Magicka will be getting a new DLC pack called “WOOT.” The bad news, at least for them, is that the main dude in charge of the financial collection won’t leave his couch, so the developer had absolutely no choice but to release said DLC free of charge. Yeah, I think that’s great news squared for us, maybe not so much for Paradox.

WOOT takes players on yet another journey, this time along their wizarding companions as they make their way to a magical competition. This festive event is only held once every few centuries in the whimsical land of Midgard. Sorcery athletes compete against each other in the “Olympus Onslaught” group of PVP maps, trying to emerge the last wizard standing. There’s also the constantly-changing Elemental Roulette arena, and a place where wizards can take to the trenches called the Pool of Undeniable Moisture. Once you’ve gotten all of your grudge matches under your belt, all wizards can come together for the Triathlon of Terror where they will be skating across a freezing patch of ice while dodging bottomless pits. The trick to that last one is that the monsters didn’t get the memo that the triathlon was in progress, so they’ll be providing you with company while you fight for your lives.

There will be some new Sporting Goods items along with new spells for wizards to master with the WOOT DLC. Here’s a total breakdown of what this pack includes:

  • 4 new PVP maps
  • 3 new Challenge maps
  • 10 new Sporting Goods items including dumbbells, water bottles, and the Elvennis Racker
  • New “Athletic Techniques” magick including Performance Enchantment and the Wave
  • Wave after wave of new creatures who have plenty of hate for wizards, sporting events, and robes
  • That really awesome feeling of getting something awesome for free

We totally aren’t joking about that last one. Anyone who already owns a copy of Magicka will have it via an update when they start the game. I’ve got to say that Paradox may have dropped the ball on this one, only it went right into our goal. Make sure you put on your robe and wizard hat, along with those sweet new Reebok shoes. You’ll need them!

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