Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 13, 2012

Nixeus NX-VUE27 Is A 27-inch 1440p Monitor For $450

Last week we showed you a new 1440p monitor that Dell announced. The $640 price tag made it one of the cheaper monitors available in that resolution, that’s sold in the US. Now we’ve caught wind of another new monitor that is almost $200 cheaper than Dell’s U2713HM.

I’m not familiar with Nixeus, but this US-based company is getting ready to sell their NX-VUE27 a little later this month. This 27-inch LED-backlit S-IPS panel features a maximum resolution of 1560 x 1440 and a 1500:1 contrast ratio for $450.

Now you might wonder why you’d want to spend $450 on a monitor from a company that you don’t recognize, when you could spend less on a Catleap or similar from Korea. For starters, this monitor does have an OSD, which makes it easier to adjust and calibrate your monitor. You’re also going to get more inputs: DVI-D, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Yes, having these may add a little to your lag, but the difference should still be insignificant for gaming.

Honestly, depending on the quality of the panels they are selling, and their policy on dead pixels, this could be a good buy. I’d honestly rather buy from a seller here in the US that’s going to support their product, than trying to deal with an eBay seller. I’ve reached out to Nixeus to see if I can find out more about their policies and such.


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